NZ Whitebait Ltd Manuka Smoked Caviar 30g/Frozen

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This Caviar has a subtle manuka smokiness. An amazing accompaniment to give your antipasto board that next level taste sensation.


Check out the NZ Whitebait Caviar Story below



Shelf life: Best consumed within 4 days from thawing product and always follow best before dates on the product.  For optimal storage of your caviar and pearls, keep tins or jars in the coldest part of the fridge away from the door and fluctuating temperatures.  

Availability: Frozen supplied throughout the year while stocks last.

Fish for your health: Caviar is high in omega-three fatty acids, which are essential for reproductive health. Caviar is also a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12, selenium, and zinc.

Suggested Beverages: When it comes to what to drink with caviar, there really are only two choices: Champagne and Vodka.  It's all down to personal preference: a small glass of ice-cold vodka will complement caviar's pure, fresh flavours, while Champagne is elegant and refreshing, adding dry and crisp notes to compliment the savoury 'pop' of the egg.


The NZ Whitebait Caviar Story:

Founder Robert Hutton, and his lifelong passion for Aquaculture. Robert conquered a world first for producing Caviar from whitebait.  Farming from several New Zealand sites allows for food security and allows for quick upsizing if required.

Our Giant Kokopu (Broodstock) are sustainably grown using organic practices ( No Pesticides or Chemicals used ). These beautiful creatures live for well over 20 years so they become part of the family.

Each year the Broodstock Whitebait produce their silky translucent eggs to create New Zealand’s only native, sustainably Grown Caviar. TheCaviar captures the real flavor's of Aotearoa with a natural umami flavor and saltiness of the sea while still retaining the subtle flavors of the Whitebait.

Finally we have a coloured range to fit with Fusion type cooking.


Tohua ( Maori for fish eggs)

New Zealand WHITEBAIT specie “Giant Kokopu”(Galaxias Argenteus)

The Giant Kokopu, One of New Zealands most endangered Whitebait species, now sustainably grown for egg production and also providing opportunities for re- release of eggs {caviar} back into the wild. Our female breeding stock are with us for over 20yrs, not only providing sustainable income from egg [caviear] production but also assisting conservation efforts, to increase the numbers in the wild. As well as becoming part of our family. Our water is artesian water because we're in Nelson with much of the same characteristics that are found at the  worlds renown Pu Pu springs in Takaka, west of Nelson.

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