Salmon Caviar Yarra Valley Bloody Shiraz Gin 25g/Frozen

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Direct from Yarra Valley Caviar Australia this product was made using premium First Harvest Atlantic Salmon Pearls.

The flavour profile starts with beautiful soft citrus notes, along with juniper and cassia. The gentle spice of coriander seed and native Tasmanian pepperberry comes through the salty burst and pop of the pearls, while the lingering aroma of the Bloody Shiraz Gin is subtle yet present.


Check out the Yarra Valley Caviar story below:



The process involves salting and steeping the first harvest pearls in Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin for 24 hours, before the pearls are drained, tinned and gently pasteurised.  The finished product has the signature-shaped pearl Yarra Valley Caviar is regarded for which is plump and has transformed to bright burgundy in colour, its fine membrane allowing the 'pop' and burst of flavour.

Preparation: This pearl is best served very cold as a 'bump', or alongside crisp cold seafoods such as pacific oysters, light white fish sashimi or even buttered white bread.  To serve your caviar place the tin or jar on a bed of crushed ice and use a non-metallic spoon such as Mother of Pearl.

Shelf life: Best consumed within 4 days from thawing product and always follow best before dates on the product.  For optimal storage of your caviar and pearls, keep tins or jars in the coldest part of the fridge away from the door and fluctuating temperatures.  

Availability: Frozen supplied throughout the year while stocks last.

Fish for your health: Caviar is high in omega-three fatty acids, which are essential for reproductive health. Caviar is also a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12, selenium, and zinc.

Suggested Beverages: When it comes to what to drink with caviar, there really are only two choices: Champagne and Vodka.  It's all down to personal preference: a small glass of ice-cold vodka will complement caviar's pure, fresh flavours, while Champagne is elegant and refreshing, adding dry and crisp notes to compliment the savoury 'pop' of the egg.


The Yarra Valley Caviar Story:-

Yarra Vallley Caviar is proudly 100% Australian family owned an operated. Our chemical free environment, large earthen ponds and gravity fed fresh water source are integral to producing Australia's best Hand Milked Salmon pearls found in leading restaurants and retailers all over the world.

Yarra Valley Caviar are an export approved boutique fresh water aquaculture farm located at the base of the Rubicon River in the Yarra Valley region of rural Victoria.  The fish are milked for roe entirely by hand, once per year, under a completely natural anaesthetic of clove oil, and are then gently placed back in their ponds to spawn again the following year.

Yarra Valley Caviar's products are packaged on site, without the use of any additives.  The result is a superb quality roe salted with premium salt to produce bright, plump and flawless caviar - bursting with flavour.  The award winning products are then shipped all over the world.

At Yarra Valley Caviar we pride ourselves on our sustainable growing practices and ethical fish husbandry methods.  We are BAP certified and audited twice annually.  This stands for Best Aquaculture Practice.  We are passionate about our farm and the riverine environment that allows us to do what we do.  Our commitment to sustainability will always be a priority.


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