About Solander

Solander specialises in catching and providing high quality fresh seafood to its customers in New Zealand and around the world. The emphasis on quality is achieved through owning and operating its own vessels and having a dedicated customer service team. Solander's quality monitoring program starts on board its vessels at sea and continues right through to point of delivery and a satisfied customer.

Our range includes premium fresh fish fillets of Groper, Snapper, Blue Cod, John Dory, and a complete game fish range from sashimi Bigeye Tuna to Swordfish Steaks for the barbecue. Live fish are available from our tanks such as Crayfish, wild and farmed Paua. The shellfish range includes Oysters, Cockles, and Scallops.

To complement Solander's fresh range we have a full list of the finest frozen and super frozen seafood, including Prawns, Calamari, Scampi and Crab Meat.

Solander source the very best of what seafood is available in New Zealand and around the world and make it easily accessible to you via one phone call or online order. Our products come from many different fishing ports in New Zealand to ensure you get the freshest fish and biggest range possible. If we don't have something you are looking for we will also try and source it for you. Let Solander do the work for you so you can enjoy preparing and eating the finest Pacific Seafood.

Solander catches and processes fish to strict quality standards, bringing only the finest product to the market.

Solander also supplies large trade orders to restaurants, hotels and lodges New Zealand wide.

Solander abides to all relevant management regimes enacted in the interests of sustainable and ethical fishing. Solander sources its tuna from Fiji and New Zealand. Fijian tuna is supplied from Solander Pacific and our own vessels operating in Fiji waters. The vast majority of our crew are local Fijians and all our vessels meet and comply with the Fijian labour regulations. Our New Zealand tuna is supplied by NZ owned and operated independent fisherman. All solander tuna is a 100% Natural, straight from the sea. It has no additives or further treatment. Solander is totally opposed to the use of CO or other treatment methods used to enhance the colour and mask the age of tuna. Solander believes every tuna from the sea is different and the variety of colour and taste should be enjoyed naturally untreated or enhanced. Please talk to us about a supply of ethical and sustainably caught 100% natural untreated Tuna.