Mussels Mills Bay In Shell Per 2kg/Fresh - MAY BE SUBJECT TO PRE ORDERING

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Mussels Whole Fresh Mills
per 2 kg

From Mills Bay in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds these Mussels are premium export grade quality.

Price is per 2kg.

Check out the Mills Bay story below.

Availability: Available year round.

Preparation: Treat them just like you would Oysters, they can be safely consumed raw, although it is recommended they be lightly cooked, grilled, baked or fried for maximum flavour. The key to a delicious tender mussel is to lightly cook it, just the once.

Shelf life: Best consumed on arrival or within 3 days from receiving product, discard any that are open.

Shellfish for your health: Mussels are incredibly healthy.  They contain over three times the levels of iron of red meat as well as being high in Omega 3, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium and Iodine.  

Suggested Wine: Try a crisp dry white like a Pinot Grigio, an unoaked Chardonnay or fruity Sauvignon Blanc.


The Mills Bay Story:

Mills Bay Mussels are owned by the Blom Family and are located in the Havelock Marina, the Gateway to the Marlborough Sounds.  The beautiful part of New Zealand that produces some of the cleanest, healthiest Greenshell Mussels in the world.   Mills Bay Mussels are not exported, meaning the best of the best stays in New Zealand to be enjoyed by Kiwis and their visiting friends.

They believe that Mussels are one of New Zealand's Premium Seafood products and shine a spotlight on the wealth of culinary potential and health benefits contained within the humble Mussel.

Mills Bay Mussels are harvested in peak condition and hand graded before being packed.  They are grown with careful consideration for the natural environment.  These mussels on the farms follow the same feeding pattern and behaviours as the wild mussels in the area.  They are not fed, fertilised or medicated in any way.  Although not certified, Mussels in principle are organic.

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