Whitebait Southland 1lb/Frozen

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Whitebait Southland 1lb
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The ultimate Kiwi seafood delicacy, mouth-wateringly delicious in the classic NZ whitebait fritter!

Frozen Product

Pack Size: 1lb or 454g



Whitebait is a very small fish with a very big reputation.  Our Whitebait is regarded as one of New Zealand's most prized seafood delicacies.

It has a very delicate flavour and should be cooked with care. Cooking needs to be brief and simple.

Preparation:  For the Kiwi Classic Whitebait experience mix up your favourite batter, add the Whitebait with a generous pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper.  Pan fry in butter and oil til golden brown & drain well on a warm plate.  Serve with lemon. 

Can also be used to make omelettes, rolls and sandwiches or simply floured and panfried.

Availability: Frozen Product available year round while stocks last.

Fish for your health: Seafood provides an excellent source of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid which helps in lowering blood cholesterol and maintaining a healthy circulatory system.

Suggested wines: A Citrus Sauvignon Blanc with tropical fruit and herbal flavours has the perfect crisp refreshing finish to match or try the delicate flavours and citrus acidity of a dry Riesling.

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