Southern Bluefin Tuna Sashimi Akami Saku Block - Skin off - OUT OF SEASON


Next Season due to commence March/April 2019

Solander Bluefin has been specifically selected to meet the sashimi grade.  Loins have been cut down into saku blocks which are ready to be cut into sashimi. 

Blocks are approximately 450 -  700g each.  The listed price is for 500g and the price will be adjusted according to final weight packed.

Southern Bluefin Tuna makes beautiful sashimi and is rich in fat and melts in your mouth.  The flesh of a bluefin has a wonderful red/pink colour.


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When you order fish from Solander, you're getting the freshest fish possible!

Product Description


Solander and its associated companies is New Zealand's largest single quota owner and fisher for SBT (NZ QMS code = STN).

SBT being a migratory species means sustainability must be managed by a number of Nations.  Most importantly Japan whom is essentially the sole significant consumer of SBT.

New Zealand is a signatory to CCSBT - which is an arrangement between most countries fishing SBT to maintain and monitor an agreed total catch.  New Zealand's current allocation under CCSBT is 400 tonnes (less than 0.05% of the global total) and is managed strictly under New Zealand's own quota management system.

Every fish is carefully counted and recorded including those taken by whales.  Almost all fish taken in NZ EEC are larger mature fish and consequently the number of fish caught to make up 400 tonnes is significantly less than those taken in the Australia juvenile fishery.  Australia has an allocation of 5000 tonnes.

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Additional Information
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