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Moonfish is also known as Opah.  Moonfish has a rich, creamy taste and firm, fatty texture. The flavor is a cross between tuna and swordfish, distinctive but not overpowering.

NZ Moonfish is available from March through to August approximately.

Moonfish is a stunningly coloured fish. It has a silvery-grey upper body and fades to rose red and dotted white spots towards the belly. The name moonfish is perhaps derived from its large round profile.

Moonfish flesh has different colours. The flesh from the fish’s cheeks is dark red. Near the backbone is an orangish flesh and towards the belly the colour changes to pink. When cooked all the flesh turns to a white colour.

Preparation: The Moonfish’s flesh is rich and fatty, with a variety of uses. Moonfish is used for sashimi, grilling or smoking.

Availability: caught and available all year round.

Best consumed within 5 days from receiving. 

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