Lobster Tails Brazilian 500g/Frozen

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Lobster Tail Raw Braz Frz
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These Brazilian lobster tails which are similar to the NZ Rock Lobster will be the highlight of your next dinner party.

They are firm with a sweet taste and known for being very tender.

Tails are approximately 120g - 150g each.

Undeniably the tails are the best part of the Lobster. Caught in the tropical waters of South America, the Brazilian Lobster shells are thinner than their cold water counterparts, and they have a striped sepia pattern.

When cooked they take on a gorgeous pink hue, with delicious meat exploding from within.

Preparation: Lobster tails can be broiled, baked, grilled on the BBQ with garlic butter.

Availability: Available year round.

Shelf life: Best consumed on arrival or within 3 days from receiving product if thawed.

Fish for your health: Lobster tails are very low in fat and high in protein, a lobster tail is a nutritious addition to healthy eating.  Lobster tails also supply a good dose of essential nutrients.

Suggested wines: Chardonnay with it's vanilla notes is an excellent choice to serve with Lobster

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