Southern Boarfish Fillets Skin Off Bone Out 500g/Fresh

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Southern Boarfish has a medium texture, full flavoured flaky fillet with a high oil and fat content, similar to Trumpeter. Great eating fish that is suitable for most cooking techniques.

Southern boarfish are renowned for their excellent eating quality and are highly regarded as one of the best eating fish around. 

Southern Boarfish have few bones and white soft meat. Fillets can normally be quite chunky (if filleted correctly) and their flesh is delicate in flavour and texture.

Preparation: Southern Boarfish can be adapted to a variety of recipes, but are best lightly pan-seared or smoked. 

Availability: Year round subject to catch.

Shelf life: Best consumed on arrival or within 3 days from receiving product.

Fish for your health: White fleshed fish is traditionally high in protein and low in fat. However, all fish provide an excellent source of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid which helps in lowering blood cholesterol and maintaining a healthy circulatory system.

Suggested wines: Try the  zestiness of a sauvignon blanc or a pinot grigio.

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