Butterfly Tuna (Butterfly Kingfish) Fillets Skin Off Bone Out 1kg/Fresh

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Also known as Butterfly Kingfish from the Mackeral family

A very versatile species with fillets that can be white in appearance and soft in texture but will be firm upon cooking.



Butterfly Tuna is available from March through to August approximately. 

Also known as Butterfly Kingfish this species is an ocean dwelling, ray finned fish in the mackerel family.

Preparation: It is absolutely delicious pan fried breaded, floured, battered or grilled.

Availability: The Season is from March to August approximately. 

Fish for your health: As a rich, oily fish, it is an excellent source of Omega 3, which helps in lowering blood cholesterol and maintaining a healthy circulatory system.

Suggested wines: A rich and fruity Chardonnay has the full flavor and texture to meet a meaty fish head-on without clashing. Alternatively a Pinot Noir has the backbone to stand up to meaty fish, yet a softness and elegance that assures it will not overpower.

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