Groundmeat Southern Bluefin Tuna (Mince) 1kg/Frozen

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STN.1 G.MEAT A xVN 1kg
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Perfect for making your own Seafood Burgers.


(Cold Smoked with an Odourless, flavourless smoke to retain the beautiful red colour yellowfin Tuna is known for).


Our Southern Bluefin Tuna (Cold Smoked with an Odourless, flavourless smoke to retain the beautiful red colour Southern Bluefin Tuna is known for) has been minced and blast frozen, all ready for you to use.

Defrosting: For best results thaw in your refrigerator overnight; once defrosted use within 2 days.

Preparation: Simply season and prepare in your preferred way.

Availability: Available all year round while stocks last.


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