Marlin Fijian Steaks Twin Packs 1kg/Frozen

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MARBLU SK TWin per kilo
per 1 kg

Conveniently pre cut into approximately 190g Steaks and blast frozen in twin packs to maintain optimum quality and freshness.

Simply defrost the number of steaks required, marinate with your favourite flavours if desired and grill on the BBQ.

Price is per kg.

Marlin has a high fat content, and can be used in raw fish dishes. It has a white, firm flesh, with a mild flavour.  The high fat content gives the fish a naturally laquered appearance.

The flesh colour of marlin varies from fish to fish. Marlin with an orange-red flesh makes impressive cuts for eating raw. Other pink to light-coloured flesh marlin can be used for fish of the day.

Preparation:  Ideal for grilling.

Availability: Available all year round while stocks last.

Shelf life: Best consumed on arrival or within 3 days of receiving product.

Suggested wines: A light red wine such as Pinto Noir will go well with grilled Marlin.

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