Solanders Guarantee

When you order fish from Solander, you're getting the freshest fish possible. We go to sea (and great lengths) to ensure that the products you order from us are in excellent condition.

We achieve this by sourcing our fish from many different fishing ports in New Zealand and Fiji. This gives us the advantage of only selecting the freshest fish from the boats that have just landed. Additionally if the weather is bad in one part of the country or the fishing has been slow, we can move our ordering to the next port or Island to ensure we can source what you are after.

Given the highly perishable nature of seafood we ensure that all our products are packed in insulated boxes and with plenty of ice.

Frozen Deliveries:
We take great care in packing all our frozens with plenty of ice, with the intention they do remain frozen. However, all frozen deliveries should be checked on arrival. We do not guarantee frozen orders will remain frozen during delivery. In the event they arrive thawed in transit, they should not be re - frozen, and should be used within 3 days. All our frozen products, have been freshly frozen.

If you are not happy with the quality of your fish on arrival, please phone us immediately on the day of delivery.