Batter For 1 Kilo Inanga Whitebait:

Beat 2 free-range organic Eggs with 1/2 cup Milk
Add 1 teaspoon Salt; 2 teaspoons Baking Powder and 6 dessertspoons Flour
Keep beating til smooth.
Batter will be quite thick.

Inanga = Maori for Whitebait and pronounced E-naa-ka in the South Island


Cook in Rice Bran Oil. Has no flavour, and a high smoke point, but you want to moderately cook the patties so not to burn them.

These patties are jammed packed with Whitebait and fairly difficult to resist.  1kg of whitebait is a lot of whitebait, and if you prefer to use less you can 1/2 or even 1/4 the amount of whitebait. As an ex-South Islander with ancestors from the Coast; serve with the freshest white bread and Lurpak Danish Butter; roasted halved lemons; thyme and rock salt.


Recipe & Photos supplied by:
Karen Wishart

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