Poke Yellowfin Tuna (1.4cm-1.6cm) 1kg/Frozen

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YFN.1 Cube Frz .500g x VN-1
per 1 kg

The Hawaiin Poke craze is here! 

Vacuum packed into 1kg packs, blast frozen to maintain freshness and quality.


(Cold Smoked with an Odourless, flavourless smoke to retain the beautiful red colour yellowfin Tuna is known for).


Yellowfin is a favourite fish of many chefs with its fantastic flavour, texture, and lots of flesh with no bone. It is considered a premium flesh for sashimi. Yellowfin forms the centrepiece for any dish. It also cooks brilliantly and is easy to prepare.

Preparation: Yellowfin is perfect for Sashimi,  Sushi or carpaccio dishes. If you have to cook it, searing it in a hot pan works well, but be very careful not to over cook it. The high fat content is ideal for grilling, roasting and pan searing.

Availability: All year round.

Shelf life: 24 months from pack date

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