Saku Southern Bluefin Tuna Australian Akami (200-300g blocks) 500g/Frozen

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STN IMP Akami Saku
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Wild caught and farm raised, its flavour and quality reflects the unadulterated Port Lincoln environment where it is harvested and processed in state of the art facilities.  It is renowned across the globe for its luxurious texture and pure taste. 

A superior grade tuna that is traditionally exported to the luxury culinary market of the Japanese Sashimi Markets is now available here, previously only enjoyed by the most luxurious restaurants - A truly superior product to provide an unrivalled eating experience. 

This product is produced with a protected provenance, utilising cutting edge ‘SuperFreeze’ technology to ensure every piece of KIN tuna enjoyed on the plate tastes as fresh as the day it was drawn from Port Lincoln’s cold, pristine waters.

Premium -60 snap frozen Sashimi Shoulder Loin Portions are skinless and boneless. 

Portions range from 200g - 300g.  Price is per 500g.


Check out the KIN Story Below....

The KIN Story.....

KIN is a brand that combines the widely recognised and progressive methods of three world-renowned Port Lincoln fishing companies - Blaslov Fishing Group, Dinko Tuna Farmers and the Stehr Group - with new ways of thinking.

From humble beginnings, these families have helped shape an industry that is intrinsically linked to the Port Lincoln
community, and the broader Australian Fishing Industry. Often touted as one of the most sustainable tuna farming industries across the globe, the Port Lincoln tuna industry was the first to develop, and then use an innovative catch, ranch and harvest process for the Southern Bluefin Tuna. This is an approach that has now been used in Port Lincoln for decades and one recognised by science and industry alike.

Their commitment to protecting Southern Bluefin Tuna stocks for future generations is unrivalled. So it’s no surprise that this proven approach resulted in a taste and quality that has been extolled by the premium Japanese market and beyond for decades.

And a new brand of ultra-superior tuna products was born. Developed by family, supported by community,
driven by excellence to bring the best tuna in the world to Australian tables and other western markets.

That’s KIN.


Preparation: To defrost place in refrigerator.

Availability: All year round while stocks last. 

Shelf life: Once defrosted use within 2 days.

Eat tuna for your health: Southern Bluefin Tuna offers a range of Omega 3 fatty acids (think ‘good fats’), B Complex vitamins, potassium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and selenium.

Suggested wines: Tuna flavours are definite, and well accompanied by medium to full-flavoured white styles and some reds.  A herbaceous semillon or vegetative sauvignon blanc will be pleasant with sashimi or grilled tuna.




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