Shellfish Recipes

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Tua Tua Fritters

Served with a Tomato Salsa, Fresh Rocket & Wasabi Mayonnaise

Surf Clam & Chipotle Hot Pots

Served with fresh toasts and Kasundi relish.

Cloudy Bay Diamond Shell Surf Clams

Served in garlic,ginger & fresh chilli broth and coriander salad.

Stir Fried Cloudy Bay Tua Tua Clams

With capsicum, red onion, garlic & cherry tomatoes finished with coriander & lemon butter.

Paua Fritters

With smoked kelp aioli, watercress salad & fresh lemon.

Beer Battered Pacific Oysters

Served with fresh lemon, sweet chilli, garlic aioli & Tabasco

Curried Mussel Bunny Chow

Served in crusty rolls

Wild Venison & Oyster Pie

served with Tomato Relish

Wild Paua & Watercress Linguini

with shaved parmesan and fresh cress.

BBQ Nelson Scallops

with lemon, ginger and coriander