Nori Sprinkles Furikake 50g

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Nori Sprinkles 50g
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Nori Sprinkles also known as Furikake is a unique Japanese seasoning made especially for sprinkling on top of rice, vegetables & fish. 

This premium product is considered to be top quality product and has been trusted by high class Sushi shops, restaurants and chefs.

Pack size: 50g



This product is direct from Japan and produced by a long established Company founded 160 years ago.

“KONTOBI” is used in this product which is the most aromatic and bitter sweet part of the first pick of Nori. The taste mixed with green AONORI and rich bonito flakes are perfect.


So simple to use, turn a plain bowl of rice into a satisfying meal that takes no work and hardly any time. Furikake's also a great rub for seared tuna


White sesame seeds, Bonito flakes,  lactose, Nori, Soy sauce, Salt,  Fermented seasoning, Glucose, Bonito extract, Mirin(sweet sake), Powdered syrup, Fish sauce, Bonito extract powder, Kelp extract, Powdered soy sauce, oligosaccharide (some of the raw materials include wheat, soybeans)


Store it in a dark place and avoid high temperature and humidity.

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