Dumplings Pork & Prawn Shu Mai 270g/Frozen

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NO Pork & Prawn Shu Ma
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Handmade in Noosa Australia using wild caught Queensland Ocean King Prawn and Australian Pork with Asian herbs and spices.

A very quick easy weeknight or lunch meal idea.  9 Dumplings per pack.

See Noosa Seafood Market's story below.

Preparation: Cook from frozen, either steam for 15 minutes or deep fry for 5 minutes.  Serve with a Ponzu Sauce.

Availability: All year round while stocks last.

Ingredients: Prawn meat, pork mince, corn, ginger, garlic, onion water chesnut, fish sauce, chili, soy sauce, coriander, wondton pastry.

Contains: Gluten, crustaceans, fish, soy and egg.  May contain nuts, milk & sesame.

Wine Suggestion: Try an aromatic Italian Pinot Grigio with fresh fruity stone fruit flavours and blossom aromatics.

Product of Australia

The Noosa Seafood Market Story....

We find beautiful Australian seafood, caught in our pristine local waters, and make it easy for our customers to take home and enjoy. For us, a commitment to quality and integrity in everything we do is important.

We start at the source. We know where it’s from and how it was fished, caught or grown.

We believe in sustainable fishing (this is why we have more varieties in our catch) and source for freshness, flavour and the ability to delight our customers.

Our fishmongers are craftsmen. The art of filleting a fish is perfected over many years.

There is a precision and delicacy necessary to bring out the texture and flavor of the fish. We hand cut all of our fish. It is beautiful to watch.

We freeze our catch in a way that retains its perfect texture and taste and put it into easy to manage packs for you to take home. 

Everything we do is hand-made and is packed by our local team in Noosa. We love it here, and know you’ll love what we’re doing

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