Oysters Pacific Coromandel Live 10 Dozen/Fresh

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OYSPac InShell - coromand

The Pacific Oyster has an off-white shell with bands of yellow, brown, or purple. The flesh is light-coloured and has a black mantle margin.

Price is per ten dozen oysters



Pacific oysters are prolific in New Zealand. Found mainly around the north of the North Island, the Pacific Oyster is now the main oyster farmed by aquaculture.

Availability: Available year round, delivery Wednesday to Friday,  These delivery days are subject to pre-order deadlines, orders are required by 10am two business days prior to the delivery day.

Shelf life: Best consumed on arrival or within 5 days from packed on date, check date on pottle.

Fish for your health: New Zealand Pacific Oysters are high in protein, iron and essential amino acids. In particular New Zealand Pacific Oysters are a great natural source of zinc (crucial for a strong immune system) with five Oysters supplying more than 100 percent of an adults daily zinc requirement.

Suggested wines: Try a Chablis, Champagne or even a Guinness

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