Ling Maw Large 200g/Dried

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Premium wild sustainably caught Ling Maw from the cool southern waters of New Zealand.  Our 100% natural premium product has been air dried in our own Nelson factory.

It has no fishy taste and absorbs the flavours of other ingredients. 

Packed in random weight packs of 4-5 Sounds.  Price is per 200g.



Ling Sounds or Fish Maw is the commercial term for the dried swim bladders of Ling fish of New Zealand.  Caught in the clean cool southern waters of New Zealand, then processed and dried in our own factories.

Availability: Available year round or while stocks last.

Preparation: Soak Ling Maw in warm water for 12-14 hours until soft.   Use in your favourite dish such as a soup, stir-frys or braised dishes.

Storage Instructions: Store in a dry area out of sunlight.

Ling Sounds for your Health: Ling Sounds or Fish Maw is a highly regarded food that is full of nutrition.  Loaded with good Collagen, ionic acid and unsaturated fatty acid, Ling Maw is said to have great healing powers. Collagen especially, which helps to keep the skin in premium condition and looking young.

Product of New Zealand

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