Lamb Sausages Harissa Spiced (Per 700g)/Frozen

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From Manatoto South Island, 100% Provenance Lamb, Mildly Spiced.
Approximately 700g sized pack of 8 Sausages.  Price is per 700g.
Check out the Provenance story below.

The Provenance Story:-

"Twelve years ago we decided, here on Shortland’s Station in Maniototo (Central Otago), there had to be a better path to cultivating great tasting lamb. After years of using fertiliser, we started to wonder if there was a way of feeding our stock without stripping and sterilising the soil with chemicals. Our 6121-hectare station is now based on regenerative farming of herbs and grasses which creates nutritious soils that our animals love. The resulting meat has a unique flavour: clean, slightly sweet and creamy with no gamey aftertaste. And its tender and succulent qualities make it a huge hit with chefs and discerning home cooks alike.
It all makes sense really. We plant cover crops with a mix of tasty things like sorghum, black oats, ryegrass, linseed, clover, buckwheat, lentil and yellow mustard so our animals instinctively eat what their bodies need. These healthy animals - meat testing says they have elevated Omega 3 levels - produce waste which is nutritionally-charged and this fertilises the soil further, replenishing the land which in turns feeds them again - full circle! With no GMO, antibiotics, hormones, harmful sprays or synthetic fertilisers in the mix, this is the lamb you remember from your childhood. The environment loves it too because of low emission levels, and minimal leaching into waterways. 

Provenance is real lamb - lamb as it should be - a pleasure to cook, serve and eat.

Provenance Meat is the only truly regenerative-raised lamb in New Zealand.

Provenance lamb is guaranteed GMO, hormone and antibiotic free, and contains no artificial ingredients or colouring".

Blast Freezing is a proven method for safely storing and transporting meat without damaging tissue integrity.

Cooking Instructions: For the best and safe eating experience of this cooked ham....

It is strongly recommended that you finish and glaze by heating until an internal temperature of 75 degrees when probe has been reached or cooking for 2.5 hours at 150 degrees celsuis has been completed.  Score the lamb and place in a pre-heated 150 degrees celsius oven or lidded BBQ.  Slowly cook through for 1.5 hours then for the last 45 minutes brush over your favourite glaze.

Simple glaze suggestion: 1/2 cup chilli sauce, 2 teaspoons dijon mustard, 50 ml balsamic vinegar and a few grinds of black pepper, combine and brush over the ham for the final 45 minutes until caramalised and glossy. 


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