King Crab Clusters Cooked 1kg/Frozen

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Serving these at your next dinner party will undoubtedly impress. Sitting down to a table heaped with steaming king crab legs is an experience to remember.  

King Crab are hailed for their sweet succulent flavour, jumbo size, and snowy white meat.

The cooked Clusters are approximately 600g - 800g each.  If ordering 1kg please let us know in the customer comments if you would like the largest size in store packed (around 800g) or 2 x the smallest Crab Clusters (around 1.2kg) - The final price will be adjusted accordingly as to packed weight.

Ensure they are fully cooked (heated through fully) before consuming.



Each leg from the crab is a different length and weight, your order will be packed with a range of legs from the crab.  Please specify in your customer comments if you are requiring a specific number of clusters.

Preparation: These Cooked Crab Clusters can be prepared in a variety of ways, boiled, baked or grilled.  Ensure they are fully cooked (heated through fully) before consuming.

Availability: Available year round or while stocks last.

Shelf life: Best consumed on arrival or within 3 days from receiving product if thawed.

Fish for your health: King crab is rich in high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It's good for your heart, muscles, joints, eyes and even your brain.

Suggested wines: Most white wine varieties are well suited to crab. Try a fruity Chardonnay, herbaceous semillon, or a light sauvignon blanc or pinot gris.

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