Oysters Pacific Coromandel Shucked 10 Doz/Fresh

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OYSPac Fresh - coromandel

The Pacific Oyster has an off-white shell with bands of yellow, brown, or purple. The flesh is light-coloured and has a black mantle margin.

Price is per 10 dozen oysters


Pacific oysters are prolific in New Zealand. The Pacific Oyster is now the main oyster farmed by aquaculture.

Availability: Available year round, delivery Wednesday to Friday.  These delivery days are subject to pre-order deadlines, orders are required by 10am two business days prior to the delivery day.

Shelf life: Best consumed on arrival or within 5 days from packed on date, check date on pottle.

Fish for your health: New Zealand Pacific Oysters are high in protein, iron and essential amino acids. In particular New Zealand Pacific Oysters are a great natural source of zinc (crucial for a strong immune system) with five Oysters supplying more than 100 percent of an adults daily zinc requirement.

Suggested wines: Try a Chablis, Champagne or even a Guinness

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