Tobikko Flying Fish Roe Orange 110g/Frozen

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Tobiko Flying Fish Roe is a mild smoky/salty taste with a crunchy texture used to create certain types of sushi. 

Pack size: 130g

Tobiko is slightly salty and, in large quantities, very crunchy. But these little balls are more than just appearance, they also high in vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids!


Flying Fish Roe, Sorbitol, Sugar, Salt, Lemon Vinegar, (Water, Lemon Water, Vinegar (Rice, Rice Malt, Water), High Fructose  Syrup, Concentrated Orange Juce), Trehalose, Bonito Extract (Water, Alcohol, Bonito Powder, Salt) Acidity Regulator, colourVinegar (rice, race malt, water), High Fructose Syrup.

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