Hot Smoked Eel Fillets NZ (250 - 350g)/Frozen

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Eel is considered to be a highly sought-after delicacy. Only the finest eels from New Zealand's fresh water rivers are caught and smoked by Apatu Aqua for your enjoyment.  

These fillets are skin on bone out and pack sizes range from 250 - 350g.  Price is per 300g.

This product has been blast frozen to maintain optimum quality and freshness. 

Produced by Apatu Aqua.  Their fish is caught fresh and sustainably to ensure the highest quality and taste then hand smoked in our traditional wood-fired manuka smokehouse.

No preservatives.  Ready to Eat.

Ingredients: Eel fillets (Anguilla australis), salt, manuka smoke

Preparation: Delicious on its own, with your choice of bread and crackers or use it in your favourite pastry creation or grill the smoked eel & serve with potato and a delicious fresh salad.

Availability: Available all year round or while stocks last.

Fish for your health: This product is naturally low in fat and high in proten and omega-3

Shelf life: Best consumed on arrival or within 3 days from receiving product if defrosted.

Suggested wines: Try a buttery, oakey Chardonnay. It will mirror the richness of the smoked fish and lend a slightly smoky taste. If you prefer red wine, a Pinot Noir makes a good choice, providing a combination of fruit and light spice, but also the velvety mouthfeel to handle a rich smoked fish.

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