Crayfish Tails NZ (114 - 170g) 1kg/Frozen

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With a delicate and mild sweet flavour our NZ Crayfish are prized for exceptional quality.

Our Crayfish Tails are conveniently processed and blast frozen individually — locking in all the flavour, quality and goodness that our NZ Crayfish is famous for.

Approx 6 Grade A tails per 1kg.  Price is per kg.


Crayfish, otherwise known as rock lobsters, are abundant in New Zealand. Commonly found along rocky coastlines, they are harvested throughout the year.

Our frozen crayfish tails are an A grade, which comes from a Crayfish approximately 500gms in size.

Description: Crayfish flesh is firm with a sweet medium and rich taste, and retains its shape in most styles of cooking

Availability: Available year round.

Suggested wines: Most white wine varieties are well suited to crayfish. Try a fruity Chardonnay, herbaceous semillon, or a light sauvignon blanc or pinot gris.

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