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NZ Crayfish are a delicacy - The ultimate Seafood Treat enjoyed by many and admired by most connoisseurs.

They have clean white flesh and a strong gamey taste, and, when prepared properly, are succulent and full of flavour. 


This weeks's shipment sizes vary from 450g - 600g  

Please advise in your customer comments your preferred number of fish and sizes

and we will do our best to pack as close to your request as possible.




Crayfish, otherwise known as rock lobsters, are abundant in New Zealand. Commonly found along rocky coastlines, they are harvested throughout the year.

Description: Crayfish flesh is firm with a sweet medium and rich taste, and retains its shape in most styles of cooking

Availability: Available year round pending catch and availability.

All live orders leave us alive, we try our hardest to ensure they are received alive on arrival, however we cannot guarantee this.

Shipments of live crayfish can on occasion incur some mortalities during transit.  The product is still perfectly fine to use and recommend you cook the product the same day as receiving.

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