Paua Live Cocktail 500g

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Paua Cocktail Live 50-70g
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Tender with a meaty texture and excellent  taste, the abalone is naturally farmed using the pristine, clear waters of New Zealand’s Bream Bay.

These Paua are approximately 50-70g each.  Price is per 500g.

This farmed abalone product, due to the filtered water environment has a blue shell and clean, white meat. 


LIVE – Can be kept live in a polybin. Temp should be about 8 degrees. If they die move to a chiller. To kill put in freezer for a couple of hours or put in iced salt water, this sends them to sleep.

FROZEN - thaw in chiller overnight.

Push the meat out of the shell with your thumb, or a flat edged knife. Remove the gut sack and tooth circle with a sharp knife.
Baby farmed abalone don not require tenderizing.

To barbecue:
Cut the paua into very thin strips with a sharp knife. Crush some garlic. Heat a hot plate over medium high heat, add butter and garlic and paua. Sautee for 1-2minuets (hot and fast) until they start to curl and colour changes. Serve immediately

Preparation as above, accept don’t cook, just eat raw, serve with soy, wasabi and pickled ginger.
For other ways of serving paua see our recipe section.

Availability: Year Round

Shelf life: Best consumed on arrival or within 3 days from packed on date.  

Fish for your health: Paua is a good source of protein, which the body uses for growth and repair. It also supplies iron, zinc and B vitamins can also provide a good source of omega 3 fats, which are good for the heart

Suggested wines: Serve with a Sauvignon Blanc with acidity or oakiness to enrich and enliven the butteriness. 

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