Oysters Bluff 2nd Grade Shucked/Frozen

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OYS-BLUFF Second Frz

Made famous by the annual Bluff Oyster & Food Festival, some say that Bluff oysters are the finest in the world. The Bluff Oyster has a creamy coloured meat, which is delicate and succulent, with a medium oil content.

These second grade Bluff Oysters have been slightly cut on the edges while being shucked and they may be slightly smaller but their flavour is not compromised!

Pack size is one dozen frozen Oysters.





Buy Bluff Oysters fresh in season from approximately February through to June of each year.

Bluff Oysters, otherwise known as dredge oysters, are widely distributed around the coast, where they form dense beds in gravel or coarse sand bottoms from 25 to 50 metres deep.

Availability: Frozen Bluff Oysters can be purchased year round while stocks last.  Fresh Bluff Oysters can be purchased online from approximately February through to June.  

Shelf life: Best consumed on arrival or within 5 days of receival.

Fish for your health: Shellfish provides an excellent source of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid which helps in lowering blood cholesterol and maintaining a healthy circulatory system.

Suggested wines: The herbal and citrus flavours and aromas of a Sauvignon Blanc pair perfectly with the tanginess of the Bluff Oyster. If you prefer a more full-bodied wine, the oaky creaminess of chardonnay matches beautifully with the sweet creaminess of Bluff oysters.

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