Blue Swimmer Crab Clusters 2L, Frozen

Our Blue Swimmer Crab is caught off the coast of Tunisia North Africa – this premium crab has been harvested, ice slurried, cleaned, packed and blast frozen to maintain maximum freshness. Ready for you to simply defrost in chiller overnight and add to your favourite crab recipe!

Count per kg is approximately 11-15

Once cooked the Blue Swimmer Crab turns bright red losing the blue colour.

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per 1 kg

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When you order fish from Solander, you're getting the freshest fish possible!

Product Description


The blue swimmer crab belongs to the family Portunidae, or swimming crabs, which have characteristically flattened hind legs used as paddles for swimming. The blue swimmer male has a bright bluish colouration whereas the female, or jenny, is less brightly coloured with smaller claws and a more rounded abdominal flap than males. The distinguishing feature of the blue swimmer, is the long spine on both sides of the carapace. On either side of the carapace, between the long spine and the eyes, they have a row of 9 spikes called horns.

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Additional Information
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