Striped Marlin Fijian Steaks 1kg/Fresh

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Pre-cut skinless and boneless steaks ready to cook.

This Blue or Striped Marlin (depending on catch) is a popular choice for sashimi, and is great for barbecues.


Marlin has a high fat content, and can be used in sashimi and other raw fish dishes. It has a white, firm flesh, with a mild flavour.  The high fat content gives the fish a naturally laquered appearance.

The flesh colour of marlin varies from fish to fish. Marlin with an orange-red flesh makes impressive cuts for sashimi. Other pink to light-coloured flesh marlin can be used for fish of the day.

Both varieties, Blue and Striped have a high fat content and a mild flavour.

When buying Marlin, Blue and Striped species are substituted between each other depending on catch. Specific requests will be met where possible.

Preparation:  Ideal for grilling.

Availability: Available all year round subject to catch and availability.

Shelf life: Best consumed on arrival or within 3 days of receiving product.

Suggested wines: A light red wine such as Pinto Noir will go well with grilled Marlin.

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